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Much more than Laksen…

Besides designing, producing and branding Laksen across the world, we also partner with some of the world’s leading producers of branded goods for the quality-minded hunter.

Le Chameau Leica Morehouse A/S Morehouse A/S
We are the Scandinavian distributor of the French brand, Le Chameau, primarily known for their handmade rubber boots, which have dominated the market since 1927. As of today, all their rubber boots are still handmade – entirely by their own bootmakers. But La Chameau is much more than rubber boots. The product range includes almost every form of footwear for all purposes, just as Le Chameau offers an extensive clothing line.

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As authorized distributor of Leica Sport Optics in both Denmark and Sweden, world class optics is also a part of our extensive product portfolio.
These are also products of the absolute best quality. Besides delivering this exceptionally high quality, Leica is also a pioneer when it comes to design, development and the use of new technologies.

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Paradox – the original English gun cleaning kit.

Probably the most efficient gun cleaning kit on the market, made in England.

In only takes a few minutes to clean and oil your barrels with Paradox.

Paradox is used and recommended by leading gun smiths. The Paradox is a two-piece fleece mop with fibreglass rod and handle.

Small fleece mop for barrel oiling inside the handle. Available in 12 tommer and 20 tommer, and delivered in an easy to carry, or stow away, plastic tube.

Morehouse Country Sports is a 100 Danish-owned wholesale business. The company is established in 1977, and it is the staff’s passion for hunting and hunting equipment that has driven the company since the beginning.

Our customers are hunting stores across the world, and we export to more than 20 different markets. We only deal with the distribution of well-known brands for quality-minded hunters and others who value experiences in nature.

Besides distributing foreign brands, Morehouse holds all rights to the two brands, Laksen and Laksen Shooting Equipment. The company has owned the rights to Laksen since 1977 when Laksen was established as a brand. Today, we design, produce and distribute Laksen all over the world.

Our product range consists of Laksen Sporting, Leica, Le Chameau.

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